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Smooth Fitness
Pat Croce Fitness Expert
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Treadmill Specials - save up to 45%
Smooth Fitness™equipment is sold direct from the manufacturer and only on the Internet. You get the convenience of shopping online combined with factory direct savings of 40% - 45%. Our treadmills are top ranked by Prevention Magazine, Runner's World and Check out our Treadmill Reviews and Ratings.

Award Winning US Treadmills!
Smooth Fitness offers a broad range of treadmills. The model range starts with the entry level treadmill 5.35e, continues with the powerful and solid models 5.65e and 6.75e, and on the top end of the range features the 8.25e and the Evo 3i which can be used in a semi professional environment.
Smooth Fitness treadmills are developed and produced using the highest quality standards and are regularly chosen as award winners in their category by expert reviewers.

Cross Trainer
Cross trainers are the ideal fitness machines to accomplish a comprehensive whole body work-out that is easy on the joints. The Smooth Fitness Cross Trainers are among the most solid in their category.
The Smooth model range includes the extremely tough Cross Trainer CE2.1e, an exceptional value for the money, further there are the models CE3.2e and CE7.4e which can be used in a semi professional environment, and the AGILE DMT which is one of the most innovative crosstrainers on the market.

Exercise Bike
The Smooth Fitness Exercise Bikes are produced using the highest quality standards and are used by serious fitness enthusiasts at home as well as in a semi professional environment. They are built tough to withstand any use.
The Smooth Exercise Bikes include the innovative fitness cycle UB 4 and the recumbent bike SB 4.

Vibration Trainer
The innovation on the fitness market!
A vibration trainer makes it possible to achieve comprehensive whole body work-out with minimal time involved.
The vibration trainer models Pulse Trainer and Pulse Trainer Pro offer the innovative Dual Mode System. This system allows training using two modes of vibration, the vertical mode and the side-alternating mode.

Treadmills Ratings & Reviews
-Prevention Magazine - "Best Treadmill Bargain"
-Consumer Guide - "Best Buy" - "Best Buy"
-Runner''s World - "Top 10 Treadmill"
-Epinions - 5 Star Customer Ratings
-Men''s Health - "Best Fitness Gear 2004"
-L.A. Times - "Great Value"